Friday, August 1, 2014

Samsung launches the Samsung KidsTime App

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) through its Media Solution Center in Southeast Asia (MSCSEA) launches a new app called Samsung KidsTimeTM . Downloadable in Google Play for free, Samsung KidsTimeTM contains educational entertainment apps and e-books for children ages 3-7 years old with additional features that can give parents peace of mind.

The app provides content in a safe and age-appropriate environment, free from advertisements and in-app purchases. At launch, children have access to 30 eBooks and game apps revolving around themes such as learning math, literacy, science, creativity and others. The list will eventually expand to more than 50 apps that will be refreshed monthly.

Parents are also provided with “App Lock” function that prevents children from leaving the app environment without a pass code. This app allows kids to play and learn in a safe digital environment, giving parents peace of mind.

Samsung KidsTimeTM also has a time-setting function that allows parents to teach their kids to use technology responsibly. It also gives them personalized reports so they can monitor the apps their children are playing.

Based on the child’s usage, Samsung KidsTimeTM gives parents the visibility on the type of content that appeals to their child as well as a comprehensive view of the child’s interests.  It will also recommend apps that they would need to supplement holistic learning. For example, if a particular child always plays games that lean towards Math, it will recommend apps that are geared towards Science and Reading.

Samsung KidsTimeTM is currently available for all users of Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 (7.0”), GALAXY Tab 3 Lite and GALAXY Tab 4 (7.0”) and will soon be available for other Samsung devices. 

Samsung KidsTimeTM is now available for download for free from Google Play.   In the Philippines, the app comes with a free 1 month subscription to over 30 kid-safe apps and eBooks. In the Philippines, parents can upgrade to a monthly subscription of Php 199 that will give them unlimited access to all Samsung KidsTimeTM content.

For more information visit the Samsung KidsTimeTM website

Monday, July 28, 2014

Aquabest Unveils Technological Quartet

Press Release:
Aquabest the country’s premier water refilling franchise is set to revolutionize the way Filipino’s experience drinking water as it launches its four exclusive water treatment technologies.

Utilizing its new technologies the company will enable the company’s 700 store network to produce Granderized water a type of water that is not only clean but also healthy. The company utilizes four unique technologies Grander, Tanwing, Nanogen, and Reverse Osmosis; that alters the very nature of water to make it better.

Tanwing Technology and Reverse Osmosis are filtration technologies that help eliminate practically all contaminants in the water making them safe and clean. Tanwing works by utilizing two wavelengths of ultraviolet radiation to help eliminate all biological contaminants. At the same time, reverse osmosis filters water at the nanometer level far smaller than a strand of hair to ensure that all impurities are filtered out.

The Nanogen and Grander Technologies work at the molecular level to infuse health giving properties to the water by affecting the molecular structure of the water. Nanogen is a Korean technology that utilizes nanotechnology to neutralize pure water’s inherent acidity. Acidic water is supposed to be a contributing factor to some diseases. Grander Technology from Austria alters the molecular structure of water to improve body's absorption.

Overall, Aquabest Granderized Water improves on the inherent cleansing and rejuvenating qualities of water.  Each drop reaches deeper into the core of every cell in our bodies, allowing them to perform their functions better. Drinking Aquabest Granderized Water will rejuvenate the body at its very core helping people look and feel better.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Once a Princess starring Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales and JC De Vera

Skylight Films and Regal Films brought together Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales and JC De Vera to give life to the characters of Leonard, Damian and Erin of “Once a Princess”, Precious Hearts Romances national best seller, a recipient of the coveted PH Novel of the Year in 2012 and Filipino Readers’ Choice Award for Novel in Filipino in 2013 written by fictionist Angel Bautista.

Once a Princess is a movie that focuses on the intricacies of human relationships, how the purity of true love can be tainted and greatly affected by deception, false hopes and betrayal. It aims to paint an alternative yet highly realistic picture of what true love really is as opposed to its extremely romanticized concept as viewed by a number of people.
During its press conference, Angel shared that as a writer she wants to see exactly how she wrote in the book once turned into a movie, but definitely she knows that changes may arise and decided to trust the people behind the movie and the process it will take. She’s very happy when she found out that it will be directed by the critically acclaimed and award winning director Laurice Guillen. 
“May changes right away kasi ipapalabas mo sa Philippines, yoon agad ang first adjustment” said Laurice. She explained that you need to conform to the Philippine setting and its values and norms.

The two leading men were asked on how they treat their special someone like a Princess. Enchong said that he treats his special someone by spending time with her as time is very precious for him especially with his line of work while JC De Vera said “Dapat pinagsisilbihan, minamahal at hindi sinasaktan”.
You will see a much different side of Enchong Dee, Erich Gonzales and JC De Vera in the movie. So watch out for Once a Princess in the cinemas nationwide starting August 6.

For more information and latest updates, simply visit, and

Friday, July 25, 2014

Sale Alert: Samsung's 39-inch LED TV for only Php19,990.00!

Good news for those planning to purchase a 39" Full HD LED TV! On July 28-August 3, Samsung will let you own one as it will be sold for only Php 19,990.00. The offer will only run for 7 days in participating Samsung dealers nationwide so get ready next week!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

1st Ko si 3rd: Love in the Time of Retirement

Press Release: 
1st Ko si 3rd, an interestingly kilig offering to the 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival

Reality of things compels us to live life as it unfolds. We move with the times and work with what's on hand. This is often the way we create the story of our lives. There's a chance to leave a supposed love story behind to settle with the more obvious life offerings, forgetting what could have been and then one day after many years of work and family life, fate brings back a chance for the heart to open up a space for love again. This is the story of a married retiree named Cory brought to life by Ms. Nova Villa and her love interest when she was still single, Third portrayed by Mr. Freddie Webb in 1st Ko si 3rd, an official entry to the 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival.

"I would like to tell a story about an interrupted love," says Real Florido the film's writer and director. "Then play with the idea of giving it a chance when the characters are in the senior years." The film's excitement and complication come from the fact that Cory and Third are in their 60's and are married to different partners. "This film also shows how a retiree would spend her 'free' days and look forward to the future after ending her decades of labor in the city treasury office," Florido added.

Bringing Back an Old Spark

Villa and Webb have been known in the 1990's as well-watched comedic couple. Their chemistry doing funny skits on television have had a good following from numerous households. At this day and age of multifaceted showbiz coupling, 1st Ko si 3rd is bringing back to the silver screen the wholesome tandem. This time providing both young and mature audiences with unadulterated family entertainment that gives an insight about life and love.

Igniting a Dream

Real Florido has been writing for one of the most competitive and prevailing television networks in the country where he has made and led content for several entertainment shows. His background in video production started in college. He also did several collaborations on independent film making before he had an entry approved to the 2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival with 1st Ko si 3rd.

"I want to advocate delivering content to audiences that that will make them think and realize some aspects of everyday living that are sometimes overlooked," Florido states. "My entry to this year's festival intends to do that and I look forward to being able to create more projects with compelling messages in the future," he concludes.


2014 Cinemalaya Film Festival will be at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on August 1 to 10, 2014.

For more information please contact:
Philip Ace Falcon
Mobile: 09178628984

Real Florido
Mobile: 09175277325


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Iñigo Joins Dad Piolo Pascual as Sun Life Brand Ambassador

Piolo Pascual finally allowed Iñigo to join him into the limelight as a brand ambassador for Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc.They will lead Sun Life’s new Brighter Life campaign that promotes the importance of raising a financially prepared generation. 
Piolo confirmed this, saying that he and Inigo’s mother try their best to teach him early on about handling money. “We’re very lucky because Iñigo understands the value of hard work, and is also, by nature, a humble and kind person. We complement this by being good role models to him,” he said.

The new campaign for Sun Life is the first time that the father and son are doing a major project together. “Sun Life is family to Iñigo and me, and we have a long-term plan with them,” Piolo said. “This campaign echoes what I personally want for my son – to protect the future of the next generation.”

A long time endorser of Sun Life, Piolo has always been an advocate of financial literacy, having been raised by a mom who instilled in him early on the value of good money habits. This is a lesson that Piolo would like to pass on to Inigo, and help spread among Filipinos thru Sun Life’s Brighter Life campaign. 

About Sun Life:
Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. is a member of the Sun Life Financial group of companies,  a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Sun Life Financial and its partners have operations in key markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of March 31, 2013, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of $670 billion. For more information, visit

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF

Friday, July 18, 2014

Team Gonzaga, the First Reality Show on ABS-CBN Mobile

ABS-CBN Mobile never fails its fast growing patrons by putting up the first ever reality show on mobile featuring celebrity sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga entitled “Team Gonzaga” which will begin on Saturday, July 19, 12 noon.

After the successful shows such as Experience Daniel, Experience Kathryn, Experience KathNiel and PBB All in, Team Gonzaga will feature Toni and Alex, their lives behind the cameras as they share about their personal lives, family and their relationship as siblings.
Toni shares that they have no rules on their selves and what you will see in this show is who they really are, what they are like behind the camera. It is not acting as we are already actresses and it is really hard to be acting 24/7.
What sets apart Team Gonzaga from other reality shows is that it started not out of intrigue or conflict. It’s just two celebrity sisters, how they are behind the camera. I think we will be more entertained and get to know them better.

Team Gonzaga will be exclusive for ABS-CBN Mobile subscribers and can be seen every Saturday at 12 noon. For more updates log on to or visit its official social media accounts at and

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