Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Samsung introduces its newest innovations on Split Type Air conditioners

This year Samsung launches its Triangle Design Series of Air conditioners which they are pioneers of. The triangular shape design improve the performance of an air conditioner as it allows for wider air intake , so more air can be drawn in. The internal space then is maximized giving more room for a bigger fan, bigger blades, and a wider vent that ensures your room is cooled faster and farther. This means a cooler room for you and your family to relax in this summer.
The Samsung Triangle Design Series lets you save up to 60% of energy with its Digital Inverter. It also comes with two unique modes that Samsung is very proud of as it is the first in the industry. Switch to Full Mode when the whole family is around and use the Single User Mode when you are alone.

To prevent overloads from power surges and fluctuating electrical currents, this great technology is enhance with a Triple Protect System that keeps it going even through extreme weather conditions in the country. It also has an anti-corrosive coating that prevents the condenser from rusting. The very good news is, it all comes with a 10-year warranty on its smart inverter compressor – a first in the split type air conditioner market!

Samsung also released its Premium line of Samsung air conditioners. One of the key features of this line is the Virus Doctor. This feature neutralizes airborne viruses and allergies by emitting active hydrogen & oxygen ions into the room. This complete eradication of bacteria of the Virus Doctor is also able to counteract the Swine Influenza (H1N1). Moms will be to sleep soundly knowing that the kids are breathing in clean and purified air. Keeping the kids healthy all summer long. Samsung also has introduced Wi-Fi enabled control feature that is the first of its kind for air conditioners. This provides people with convenience since users can operate their units wherever they are through their smart phones. Now, families can escape the heat on a hot summer day by arriving in a comfortably cool household. This feature helps moms to be to keep a comfortable household during the summer.

With these innovations, Samsung abides in making our life easier and comfortable.

Menarini launches “Commit to Control PE”

Menarini has recently launched its advocacy to “Commit to Control PE” that focuses in promoting awareness on PE or premature ejaculation. Menarini is the world’s largest Italian biopharmaceutical company in the world who developed Dapoxetine, the first and only drug specifically developed for the treatment of premature ejaculation.

The summit was attended by experts such as Dr. Margie Holmes, noted and popular author and psychologist specializing in love making therapy as well as Dr. Dennis Serrano, a urologist and men’s health expert. 
Celebrity couples such as Anthony Pangilinan and Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan, Paolo Abrera and Suzie Entrata, Lander Vera-Perez and Regine Tolentino was also invited to share what they know about PE, or do they know this exist and take on their views and opinion on this issue.

So what is PE?
Dr. Dennis Serrano explains the condition: Premature ejaculation (PE) occurs when a man is unable to control or delay ejaculation on his own wish after vaginal penetration, resulting in short latency time and decreased sexual satisfaction, as well as personal distress and interpersonal difficulty. Premature ejaculation (PE) is the most common sexual dysfunction in men, even higher than Erectile Dysfunction.

Dr. Margie Holmes stressed that the issue centers more on lack of control and should be measured not just by time but more on the ability to satisfy one’s partner.

RJ Ledesma, the summit host established early on: “Men with PE often report emotional and relationship distress and some avoid pursuing sexual relationships altogether because of PE-related embarrassment. But the issue is not isolated to men as female partners also experience emotional and psychological distress which often leads to unwanted stress in the relationship.”

During the summit, necessary actions that should be taken by a sufferer surfaced and were confirmed: begin by facing up to the issue... work with your partner --- be supportive of each other's needs and lack, discuss with your partner and the most crucial step, consult with your doctor.

Menarini developed a drug called Dapoxetine to help address the issue. And not only that, they had set up a website – that help guide a man and his partner in determining if he suffers from this condition and find the doctor for him.

Menarini is determined to bring to the forefront of our consciousness the issue of PE so let’s be open minded about it.

**credits to Ria Hazel Lumandog for the photos

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ask Diego uses PLDT Home DSL!

Remember my article about this cute little boy named Diego who created his own advice column page in Facebook Ask Diego? Surprisingly, he and his family is part of PLDT’s new TV Commercial.

From Anna Banana, PLDT once again capture my heart and hopefully yours as well, as they feature another family concept showing PLDT Home DSL as an enabler of family sized connections. Diego’s family is enjoying PLDT’s Home DSL as it provides “Limitless sharing with the strong reliable family sized connection.”

Like Diego’s family, most or all of the families here in the Philippines has internet connected device. And during night time or weekends, all of us are connected in the internet. Whether we are checking on our social media accounts, emails, watching live streaming or even downloading, with these various activities and being done simultaneously, it is important in every household to have a strong reliable connection because we don’t want to experience downtime or slowness during these activities.

Diego’s innocence captures me because as a kid, you see and take things lightly. Unlike being an adult, we take problems as if there’s no tomorrow. It’s refreshing to see how one kid changes our view in our daily lives (even for a short period of time). How can you not love Diego, he’s the cutest among his generation and smart as well. For sure we will see more of him in the future. I am hoping to see him in person as well!

So again I would like you ask you to give him some love by visiting and liking his Facebook page And if you are experiencing downtime with these activities on your current service provider, why not try PLDT Home DSL for yourself. Visit them at and experience “Limitless sharing with strong reliable family sized connection”.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Watch PACQUIAO vs. BRADLEY 2: VINDICATION at the Solaire Grand Ballroom

April 13, 2014 (8AM) Solaire Grand Ballroom
Actual Ring Set-Up, High-Def Stadium Screens, Live Commentators,
Live Rings Girls, Live Barker, Free-Flowing Food & Drinks

BUY your tickets now: Solaire Concierge 888.8888

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Miss Philippines Earth 2014 partners with SM Food Retail Group in Spreading Environmental Awareness

This year Miss Philippines Earth candidates join the SM Food Retail Group in spreading environmental awareness among shoppers. They will be visible in the coming days at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket and Savemore Market. The delegates were presented at SM Megamall A Event Center. Through this partnership, MS. Earth delegates gave a new healthy boost to SM’s pioneer campaign for reusable bags- M.O.B (My Own Bag). They will also serve as ambassadresses of the SM Green bag, the first reusable bag in the country, where shoppers are encourage reusing bags.

To showcase the delegates’ creativity and love for mother earth, they were asked to design an outfit made out of SM Green bag.

Watch out for Miss Philippines Earth 2014 candidates on the following dates:

April 11: SM’s Cooking Challenge at SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket Fairview; 
April 20: Celebrate Easter Sunday at SM Supermarket and SM Hypermarket Fairview; 
May 2: 5-Day Sale and promotion of green initiatives at SM Supermarket San Lazaro and SM Hypermarket Bicutan; 
and finally watch the grand coronation night on May 11 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Solo Summer Collection 2014 x Online Model Contest Winners

Solo’s Summer Collection 2014 is finally out! These hot summer collections features this year’s Solo Online Model Contest Grand Winners, Renee Soraya Hassani, 22 years old who recently finished Interior Design at Philippines School of Interior Design. She is pursuing her modelling career in between her being part of their family business and John Edward Custodio, 21 years old who is set to fulfill his dreams of being an actor and use modelling as his stepping stone. Directed and photographed by hot fashion photographer Doc Marlon, this year’s collection is composed of wide-range swim wear pieces in tribal prints, floral patterns, retro feels and solid colors strategically placed on bandeau, bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms. Stylish eye wears and flattering cover ups are also available to complete your summer look.

Renee and John, no matter how hard it is in achieving their dreams still showed genuine interest and willingness to learn on their modelling career. They want to leave a mark to today’s generation along with Solo that fits their street-smart and quirky personality.
Rush now to your nearest Solo branch or you can conveniently shop online!

For more information, please log on to or like our Facebook page You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram @MySoloOnline.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ask Diego, Your Friendly Little Advisor

I was just randomly browsing Facebook when I saw this cute and adorable 7 year old boy Facebook page “Ask Diego”. Diego’s Facebook page was created to be his “Advice Column” of course with the proper guidance of his Mom, Dad and as well as her sister Trisha.
Diego, even just a kid loves to ask questions about so many things. His whole family was way supportive and always there to answer all of this. Well some of his questions are searchable in the internet and they do this all together on their computers at home. Through asking, Diego learned so many things. With this, his parents discovered that Diego can give good advice to other people at an early age. Well I think creating his own Facebook page gives him the opportunity to interact with other people at an early age.

Since Diego, is still young his parents list down these rules/guidelines when you “Ask Diego”
  1. To ask a question, write it on the timeline or comment on his posts
  2. He is not always using the computer because it’s important to play outside with his friends and do other stuff that teaches him new things and he can only answer questions when mommy and daddy can help him
  3. There are many questions so sometimes they have to choose only some to answer but they will try to answer as many as they can.
  4. Please ask nice things only because he should not read rude questions. Rude questions and comments will be deleted.
  5. Be kind to everyone who posts questions and comments.
  6. You can also answer questions if you really want to be helpful but do not say things that will make people feel bad.
  7. Don’t flood the wall because other people want to ask questions too and he might not see the questions if it’s always just you and you and you again asking everything.
  8. No advertising and spamming. Its Ask Diego not sells stuff to Diego.
  9. No fighting or bullying.
  10. Please remember that he is a kid and he doesn't have all the answers in the universe but Diego will gladly help if he can.
With these guidelines, I would highly suggest to you my dear readers to visit “AskDiego” and post your questions away. Also you may give him some love by liking his page too!

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